Season 3, Episode #6: Never-Ending Skull Base

Well, here we are. The end of the road. Whadya think? Think any of us’ll be as lucky as the Skull Base crew to meet our makers before we die? Well, shit. Now that we’re done, I can say with a smile…I’d do it all again. Took a while to get it out there, but it’s pretty satisfying now that it all’s said and done. Hell, maybe we’ll even get to do a season four some day. Hopefully a little sooner than this ‘un took, but…aw shucks, I’m ramblin’ again. We’ll see y’all down the dusty trail, and hail Bae God Trump. Sorry to be right about that one.

Season 3, Episode #5: Crisis on Infinite… Fine, Two Skull Bases

What the huh now? The intrepidly stupid Skull Base crew go back to the present past. Listen on, brave listener, and hear crews past and present bicker and argue, Campbell, Ramble, and Antioch get more evil, and most of season one, episode six again. And who even is the mystery person at the end?! Put on your attention hats and try to keep it all straight, and prepare to swap it out for your headfuck hat. If you’ve got one.

Season 3, Episode #4: Most Excellent

First Jesus, and now Lincoln?! Well, okay, that’s actually a lot better for a number of very good reasons. Still though. The Skull Base Quantum-Leaps-but-just-through-time again, this…. TIME…. to when President Lincoln met his maker. Will they prevent his assassination? Is that why they’re there? Do they even know who Lincoln is? Isn’t there a B story involving Constable Prime hiring an intergalactic and inter….TIME…. bounty hunter? Why haven’t I even mentioned that Socrates is in this episode too, does he like, not count? Stop asking so many fucking questions. There’s the play button. Use it.

Season 3, Episode #3: Twenty Double X

The future. The year 200x. Evidently, it’s made up of asinine teenaged girl people and mostly just bullshit everywhere. See, the Ultimate Smartness done blowed up the world. Not many folk left, and what folk is left, well, they’re pretty vapid and r-word-ed, frankly. I wonder who rules the world now? Probably somebody – or something – outwardly racist. Look, the future sucks, that’s the point, alright?

Season 3, Episode #2: Golgo’s Thirteen

Jesus Christ. Sorry about that, man. Overlord Skull Bludgeon takes on the main man’s role after accidentally parking the time jumping Skull Base right on top of Golgotha’s most famous death-by-torture hillock. Doom Cock can’t even handle how that goes. Others are there and they say and do stuff too.  They’re mostly girls though, and Chad Bingo, who frankly has a hard enough time pulling his weight in the crew, am I right? Only one way to find out.

Season 3, Episode #1: Diamond Dogs, Part Two

Intrepid listener! We’ve been trapped in a bullshit time loop, and we’ve finally escaped to share our exploits with you, as a podcast. We know this now. We know who you are, and are mostly disappointed with how you look. This is the first part, where we fuck around on time and don’t stop anything bad from happening (because we’re ‘villains’, remember?) but we do make more bad things happen (again, villains). Does it even go anywhere? Does anything even matter? Well, better get listening, I guess.

Season 2, episode #7: A Scanner in the Works

The season finale is here! Campbell is triumphant; the Ultimate Smartness has come to Earth to spread her Ultimate Loveness while the Skull Base crew races to do…something? about it. A baby is made, a head explodes, and mostly everyone just stands around and argues. Hey, it’s a podcast, what the hell do you want from us?

Season 2, Episode #6: Big American Party

The gang, having recently reacquired the titular Skull Base from the clutches of Campbell and Antioch Blooddare, have just received an invitation to a party, where they are the guests of honor. And, what the huh? All the super villains from the Dammerung/Cleveland blowing up thing from Season One are there? Don’t those guys hate our guys? I guess we’ll just to listen to figure this whole thing out.

Season 2, Episode #5.1 – So, It’s Finally Come to This: A Skull Base Clip Show. Part 2

Dwayne is stuck in an elevator with two members of the documentary crew that was filming the Skull Base for a 77 part expose. They are creeps with the uncanny ability to play clips from past episodes to justify their weird sentences. Get all caught up on half of the Skull Base lore with part one two of our clip show!

Season 2, Episode #5: The Ultimate Smartness and the Sisqo Kid

When last we left our not-heroes, a battle between not-good and the other guys was about to erupt. But we forgot to give you Campbell’s back story, so we did that instead. Who is Ultimor? What’s that stank in the broom closet? If Guard #2 had the balls to defect, just what in the hell is up with Guard #1, you know? If Chad doesn’t want to be here, why did he invite himself along in the first place? There are many questions, and frankly, I can only think of one way to get answers.