The next thrilling chapter of Hollywood Kerfluffle continues. Will IAMNINJA accept the hit on Stereo Tyler, even when it comes from Stereotype himself? Will Adrian Zmed convince IAMNINJA that Grease 2 was superior to the original? Why would you even ask that?

Season 2, Episode #2 – Revenge of the N.E.R.D.

What has happened to the Skull Base? As everyone’s lives are pretty much garbage now, Dr. Melfa and Honey Killworthy reconnect to bring the team back together to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, X and Dwayne attend a dreaded high school drinking party, which obviously ends in violence. We are here to entertain you, after all. PLUS! The return of a fan favorite long thought dead and buried. All of this, and maybe something else as well, in episode two of season two of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base!

Episode 6: Ballad for Fallen Skull Bases

This is it, Base Heads: The season finale of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base! The POTUS enters the fray as Antioch Bloodare’s wicked scheme comes together. Incidentally, The Base crew also comes together to rally against Motownphilly and the forces of DIPSET using their own secret weapons: The Ancient Rooster Deity Xoruz and Fresh Prince puppet theatre. Who will survive, and what will we left our podcast? NO ONE KNOWS.


Episode 5.1: Talking Base

A new segment approaches! Here’s our first episode of Talking Base, or is it Covering the Bases? Who cares. Anyway, we let the mic run after our last session and this is what it picked up. Get a clue on how Skull Base came together, what you need to do to be the next Dr. Melfa, and just how drunk we can get after an episode recording (spoilers: a lot. A lot drunk).



Episode 5: The One Where We Jump the Shark

Action! Jail Showers! Monologues! Sex predators! Plot! Monologues! References to 80’s and 90’s American pop culture! Unique pronunciation choices! Monologues! All of this and little more on this episode of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base!

Episode 4.1 – Base Watch

Follow our resident lovable oafs Guards 1 and 2 as they drive a Hydraulic walking forklift, ogle Ms. Killworthy in the shower, get yelled at by their boss, and almost die. Just another day in the depressing, downtrodden lives of these two pinhead henchmen.

Episode 4 – Big Trouble in Actual China

The gang heads to China to enact evil crimes and villainous super-villainy plots. Motownphilly is unfrozen and unleashed into the fray. DIPSET gets busy bustin’ heads. And a major death within the ranks of the Skull Base shakes no one to any core.


Episode 3.1 – Doom Cock and Son

Meet Cicacadus Reich, the “German” bug swarm of a father of Doom Cock. With Alistair in Tow, DC braves super villain resting home The Rest for a nice visit with his Nazi daddy. But will the narrator allow for such rich backstory to occur unabated?

Episode 3 – Biysky Riskness

Tad Jingo has a date with a crowbar. Alistair learns the ropes of super villainy from his father, Doom Cock. Ex-MCB’s X and Honey engage in hot, hot cat fights. Dwayne and Stereotype join IAMNINJA on the least clandestine ninja mission of all. OSB delivers his favorite TV monologue of all time. PLOT, people. It’s important.

Episode 2.1 – Agents of Skull Base

Overlord Skull Bludgeon assembles a crack team of interns in our newest minisode. Who has the courage, the wherewithal, the totally-not-killed-then-brought-back-to-life-to-star-in-a-crappy-TV-showness to lead this motley menagerie of mundane misfits? The answer may make you uncomfortable.