Season 2, Minisode #4: MATSB LIVE at the Windup Space!

The Skull Base crew head over to local watering hole and all-around useful area The Windup Space to wreak havoc with their masterful karaoke skills. Watch with your ears as they sneak around, make observations about their surroundings, and encounter the evilly flamboyant Antioch Blooddare. It’s our first live episode, Base Heads! Get into it!

Bonus: Overlord Skull Bludgeon sings Hazy Shade of Winter at the end. Party.

Season 2, Episode #4: Heels Over Heads

This is it, Base Heads! The Skull Base crew finally gets their shit together to take back, well, the Skull Base. Honey and Dwayne find time to awkwardly talk about their estrangement, XSV-15 tests Chad Bingo’s patience with murder, while Doom Cock and Overlord Skull Bludgeon get ready to reclaim their former super villainous glory. And a mole within the Skull Base is revealed! Who is it?! Why would I tell you who it is here? That would be stupid.

Season 2, Episode #3.1: So, it’s finally come to this: A Skull Base clip show. Part 1

Dwayne is stuck in an elevator with two members of the documentary crew that was filming the Skull Base for a 77 part expose. They are creeps with the uncanny ability to play clips from past episodes to justify their weird sentences. Get all caught up on half of the Skull Base lore with part one of our clip show!


Season 2, Episode #3 – Vermillion

Just how and why in the hell is Antioch Blooddare alive, huh?! Who the hell knows! Wait, maybe the narrator knows. He’s omnipotent, right? Let’s all listen to what he has to say…

Oh, also Doom Cock’s intervention happens. Feelings are felt. It’s the kind of uplifting, spiritual high drama you expect from an episode of Meanwhile.


The next thrilling chapter of Hollywood Kerfluffle continues. Will IAMNINJA accept the hit on Stereo Tyler, even when it comes from Stereotype himself? Will Adrian Zmed convince IAMNINJA that Grease 2 was superior to the original? Why would you even ask that?

Season 2, Episode #2 – Revenge of the N.E.R.D.

What has happened to the Skull Base? As everyone’s lives are pretty much garbage now, Dr. Melfa and Honey Killworthy reconnect to bring the team back together to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, X and Dwayne attend a dreaded high school drinking party, which obviously ends in violence. We are here to entertain you, after all. PLUS! The return of a fan favorite long thought dead and buried. All of this, and maybe something else as well, in episode two of season two of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base!

Season 2, Episode #1.1 – Hollywood Kerfluffle, Pt. 1

Mr. Tyler has it all. A smash hit television show. A car. A human face and body that is totally not rubber and latex concealing a particularly racist automaton’s metal husk. And yet…is he happy? The answer will be at the end of the episode, so make sure you listen to the whole thing.

Season 2, Episode #1 – Fooly Denouement

skullbaselogoitunesLast season saw the fall of the Skull Base. Will we see our not-at-all-heroes reborn in its ashes? Who is left, and what will be entertaining about them? See where the chips fell in the fallout of Cleveland, and also where XSV-15 eats her school lunches. Everything old is slightly different again in season two of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base!

Episode 6: Ballad for Fallen Skull Bases

This is it, Base Heads: The season finale of Meanwhile, at the Skull Base! The POTUS enters the fray as Antioch Bloodare’s wicked scheme comes together. Incidentally, The Base crew also comes together to rally against Motownphilly and the forces of DIPSET using their own secret weapons: The Ancient Rooster Deity Xoruz and Fresh Prince puppet theatre. Who will survive, and what will we left our podcast? NO ONE KNOWS.


Episode 5.1: Talking Base

A new segment approaches! Here’s our first episode of Talking Base, or is it Covering the Bases? Who cares. Anyway, we let the mic run after our last session and this is what it picked up. Get a clue on how Skull Base came together, what you need to do to be the next Dr. Melfa, and just how drunk we can get after an episode recording (spoilers: a lot. A lot drunk).